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::The Baby Store

At 25, this was a place I tolerated to get a gift for my friends who got married and pregnant “early” in life. It was a five minute interchange of printing a registry, finding a $25 gift, and getting out of there without a toddler having a melt-down in the check out line.

At 28, this was a place I would venture into for the occasional shower gift as well. But as I strolled down the aisles, I found myself actually interested in baby bumpers, strollers, and other random items that had not meant much to me up until this point. I began to wonder as I sketched out the plan for my life, “when will my time be?”

At 30, I found myself asking a different question…a harder question…”Will there be a time for me?” Visiting a baby store became a reminder of a season I desperately wanted but couldn’t be in yet. It was hard. It was emotional. I couldn’t drive past a baby store without thinking, “I’m missing out on something others get to be a part of.”  I opted for chipping into a larger gift just to avoid the store all together.

At 32, I walked into my first baby store filled with no other emotion than complete delight! It was thrilling to to look at bedding, clothes, little shoes, diaper bags, etc. It was freeing to pick up onesies and have no other thoughts in my mind except, “my child will look adorable in this.” It was life-giving to be in a room with women who had baby bumps and cherish the thought that we are both going to be moms. It was empowering to feel like I actually deserve to be in this store…I’ve got one on the way just like everyone else.

I have always wanted to be a mom but for the first time this year, I was able to rest in the fact that I will be one, one day. That is an amazing feeling. Here’s a picture of my new, favorite baby store that I’ve started to visit often because I can. 🙂



Stuart and I are blessed with the greatest friends anyone could ask for. One of the greatest among those being Kristen Franklin. Kristen is an amazing friend and my co-worker at Gwinnett Church. Kristen is one of the most selfless women I know, willing to do whatever is needed.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Kristen’s office stressed about our profile book and not feeling good about my creative efforts. I showed Kristen what I had tried to pull together as a “creative look” for our family profile. It was laughable to say the least. In fact, check it out.



I’m sure out of deep pity, Kristen could tell how hopeless I was. Being the rock-star that she is, she  swooped in with her profile super powers, creativity and her “I can learn everything from google” mentality and made a boring family profile into the masterpiece it is now.

If you are not aware, a family profile book is what the BM and BF will look at to chose what adoptive family they want to place their child in. When we say first impressions are everything this is very true when it comes to the family profile book. Kristen went above and beyond to make our first impression to a BM and BF unforgettable.

I cannot get over the community God has surrounded us with and the people along this journey that he has placed in our path to help us down this road. Kristen, thank you for being an influential person in my life and a dedicated contributor along our journey toward adoption. We love you!

Here’s a few pictures of her masterpiece!



It’s official! We are Home Study approved and ready to be matched. If you have ever done a Home Study you are aware of how much paperwork, filling, copies, etc. are required. It was a lot of work, but nothing beats knowing that we are officially one step closer to meeting our child. It’s a good day!

A spirit of unity and La Parilla

Our journey to adoption started months ago as we entertained the idea of what it would be like to adopt, asking ourselves if this is what God is calling us to and trying to figure out what path to venture down…infertility treatment or adoption.

Stuart knew almost instantly that God was leading us to adoption. I felt God directing us towards adoption as well, but wanted to give it a little more time before deciding. Through several talks with friends, my mom and prayers to God, the Lord made it so clear that adoption was where he was leading us.

All along I had been praying Ephesians over Stuart and I that God would grant us a spirit of unity in the bond of peace. I prayed specifically that God would knit our hearts in such a way that we were unified in our decision, and more specifically, that we were making this decision not out of fear but out of perfect peace. Once God gave me that green light and overwhelming peace I couldn’t wait to tell Stu.

I decided the best way to tell him was on date night at my favorite restaurant, La Parrilla. (See picture above). I figured this would be a huge night in our journey so in the future when we had the child and would look back to celebrate it would ensure that we would do it over the best Mexican food. (Call me manipulative but it worked.)

Every Thursday night we have date night together and I knew this night was going to be special. While at dinner, I shared with Stu what God had confirmed in my heart. We cried, smiled and began dreaming of this future ahead of us. This was such a memorable night in our journey.

We have no clue what’s ahead of us, but we do know who is equipping us for this journey ahead.

Adoption…here we come!

The Instagram announcement

Can’t get enough of the excitement for this baby!

The fortune

Here’s a little up-close version of our coming fortune!

The Espy's are adopting!

We surprised our friends and families with our plan to adopt through personalized fortune cookies. On every fortune was the statement, “Someone close to you will soon be adopting.” What they thought to be a normal fortune cookie turned out to be an adoption announcement. Needless to say, they were all excited with this news!