Stuart and I are blessed with the greatest friends anyone could ask for. One of the greatest among those being Kristen Franklin. Kristen is an amazing friend and my co-worker at Gwinnett Church. Kristen is one of the most selfless women I know, willing to do whatever is needed.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Kristen’s office stressed about our profile book and not feeling good about my creative efforts. I showed Kristen what I had tried to pull together as a “creative look” for our family profile. It was laughable to say the least. In fact, check it out.



I’m sure out of deep pity, Kristen could tell how hopeless I was. Being the rock-star that she is, she  swooped in with her profile super powers, creativity and her “I can learn everything from google” mentality and made a boring family profile into the masterpiece it is now.

If you are not aware, a family profile book is what the BM and BF will look at to chose what adoptive family they want to place their child in. When we say first impressions are everything this is very true when it comes to the family profile book. Kristen went above and beyond to make our first impression to a BM and BF unforgettable.

I cannot get over the community God has surrounded us with and the people along this journey that he has placed in our path to help us down this road. Kristen, thank you for being an influential person in my life and a dedicated contributor along our journey toward adoption. We love you!

Here’s a few pictures of her masterpiece!