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Monthly Archives: January 2014

The past few months I’ve been radio silent not for any other reason than it’s been the holidays and life is crazy! But I’m back and can’t wait to share about a few new happenings surrounding this adoption.

First off, our trip to Oregon to meet our birth mom went above and beyond our wildest dreams. We had instant chemistry together, laughed a lot and were able to go deep quickly. It was such a gift for Stu and I to have a weekend with our birth mom and her mom as well. Thank you for each one of you who prayed for us and over us. We felt it and I’m not just saying that…truly your prayers were our strength that held us together. Thank you!

Leaving Oregon, we felt even more confident that the Lord was not only in this but is orchestrating this story.  Our birth mom continues to tell us how she wants us to be her son’s parents and how she already feels like he is ours. I believe both parties involved truly feel a peace and a sense of unity as we head into February. What a gift this is to us and to her!

As we left Oregon in November, I kept thinking this is going to be forever to wait for him. Now, we are less than a month away and I can barely wait to get the call and fly out there. But as we wait, here’s a few other ways God has continued to show his goodness to us.

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.” Psalms 27:13

I love this passage in scripture. When our hearts are broken, dreams die and plans fail, the Lord brings me back to this verse and reminds me that I will see his goodness in the land of the living. I’ve claimed this verse throughout our entire journey and now I’m experiencing this verse through the goodness and generosity of so many he has brought in our path!

Here’s some tangible evidence of God’s goodness in our story recently:

1.)  Dear friends who have given us an amazing friends and family rate on a rental car for our time in Oregon.

2.)  An Oregon photographer who is not only excited about capturing the day of the birth but who has a boss that has adopted two children of her own and is willing for her to come shoot whenever we get the call. I can’t believe her boss is allowing her to be this flexible and yet I can because it’s God and he’s that good.

3.)  Hugely blessed by family members who are opening up their Portland home and inviting us to stay the entire month of February for free!!!!

4.)  A continually growing amount of donations to our fund. This fund combined with the donations made to Hand in Hand is almost fully funding our adoption. Wow, thank you for those of you who have and are financially contributing to our story. We are truly humbled and overwhelmed by Him supplying our every need through you!

5.)  A baby’s room that has been fully furnished through our sweet parents and several friends who have offered up their talents to make this room even more personal and special than I could have imagined. (More on this to come…)

6.)  Southwest Airlines who has made it extremely easy to travel, change dates and check in free baggage. Not knowing when our birth mom will go into labor is a little hard because I so desperately want to be there for the birth. Yet knowing that our dates can move around has created such a peace in my heart. Add to all this, my parent’s generosity to give us their credit of two free airplane flights! Again goodness upon goodness.

7.)  Friends who have loved on us consistently through notes, time spent together, text saying they are praying, sending books, being sounding boards as we process it all, giving us get-a-ways to be refreshed heading into the month ahead and so much more! You all are the truest expression of God’s goodness to us!

We are in the final countdown (80’s reference for Wendy Henderson 🙂 of 23 days till her due date. As we wait, our hearts are encouraged through God’s goodness that shows up in the small things and the big ones. We are hoping to fly out on February 10th, to prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally plus to get our last little bit of R and R. (We hear that goes away quickly!) Our birth mom’s official due date is February 13th but who knows when she will actually give birth. Our hope is to be out there a few days before the birth in our family’s home in Portland. When she calls, our plan is to drive to the hospital, which will be about 2 hours away.

That’s the plan for now, but we know it’s the Lord directing our steps. As he does, I would ask that you all would join us in continuing to pray for the timing of all this. Specifically that Stu and I would be on that side of the country when she goes into labor, that God would prepare our hearts and the heart of our birth mom for what we are about to walk through and that the continued goodness of the Lord would be seen in the land of the living!

Thank you for journeying with us!

-Lauren and Stu