The Espy's adoption journey.

Monthly Archives: February 2014

Dear friends and family,

I can’t believe February is finally here! I have looked forward to this month with so much expectation knowing that with every day we are getting closer to this precious one’s arrival!  Our BM has another ultrasound today and that should help us to solidify exactly when we fly out (either this upcoming week or the next). Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer. God has been so extremely faithful to us and in these last days several big decisions have been made that have given us even more peace and confidence that God is directing every step.

Another way God has provided for us is financially. So many friends and family have prayed for and given to this adoption which has truly blown us away. Your generosity has been another reminder that God is at work in this adoption. Thank you!

I wanted to share with you one last fundraising opportunity if any of you or your friends would be interested. We are going to have a ONLINE adoption garage sale! I wish I could have a real outside garage sale but let’s be honest standing outside in the freezing cold right now is probably not the best idea!

I have gathered some personal items as well as items from friends and family. The gallery of these items is located below. The prices are negotiable but I’ve marked them as true to cost so as to make the most amount possible to put to our adoption fund. If you have any friends and family that would be interested in these items PLEASE send them this post. As much money as we can raise in these final days the better!

Here’s some details about the online adoption garage sale:

1.) Contact: Send me a personal email at with the item number you’d like to purchase. (All items being sold have a number next to them so that’s what I’m referring to as the item number.)

2.) Pick-up: In your email, please let me know the ideal time to pick up these items. If you live out of state, let me know and maybe we can work that out as well! (There is a good chance we will be leaving this week for Oregon so the sooner the better.)

3.) Payment: Cash only. (The cash will be applied to our adoption expenses incurred while in Oregon.)

On a final note, If you still would like to contribute but are not interested in the actual garage sale items, you can always visit and put in our names: Lauren and Stuart Espy for a tax-ded. donation.

I can’t wait to post our next update…which hopefully will entail us leaving for Oregon! Thank you so much for getting the word out about this Adoption garage sale!

Forever grateful for your roles in our journey!