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Corban is 6 months old today!!!

What an incredible gift this boy is to us, to our hearts, and to our family and friends. In honor of Corban’s half birthday and in light of all God has done for us, we want to share this video with you. This video is not just a recap of our journey, it’s a huge thank you note to the hundreds of you who have prayed for us, encouraged us, and financially supported us. We could not have done it without you. Thank you for being the rich community God has surrounded us with!

The song in this video was specifically chosen. Throughout our entire adoption, this was my (Lauren’s) song. Every morning on my drive to work, I would sing this song at the top of my lungs; believing that one-day these words would be proven true. At night, I would whisper these words to myself to quiet my anxious thoughts.  This song was a constant reminder to me that God was close even when He felt far off. It was a reminder that He was faithful even before circumstances began to change. This song marked me and our journey and I can now claim what this song affirms of the Lord that, “He was there in every season of my soul. He was the anchor that I hold. He was faithful.”

We hope this video makes known the faithfulness of our God. As Isaiah 63:7 states, “I will make known the LORD’s faithful love and the LORD’s praiseworthy acts, because of all the LORD has done for us– based on His compassion and the abundance of His faithful love.”

Here it is:

Our adoption video

:::A special thanks to Travis Fish who put this video together. Travis, thank you for capturing our story and for making it come to life. I cannot express how much this video means to us! Thank you!

:::To Matt Adkins, thank you for making this song personal with the voices and arrangements. You are the true definition of a friend and we can’t imagine our world without the Adkins. Thank you for journeying with us through all the highs and lows.

:::To Adam Kersh, Candi Shelton and Davis Harwell, thank you for making this song become extremely intimate to us and for singing these words of hope over us. We are so honored to have your voices fill this video.

:::To Shelley Giglio and Mike McCloskey, thank you for being open-handed and allowing us to adapt this song for our video. You two are inspiring and the music you produce impacts and changes hearts, I know first hand. Thank you!

And finally to Jesus, our ONLY hope. Corban’s story is YOUR story. Thank you for allowing us to be stewards of this precious life.